Suggested Itinerary When Traveling to Pagudpud

Pagudpud is one of the most visited towns in the province of Ilocos Norte and it is the northernmost part of the Luzon island in the country.

Tourists seek out the peacefulness and how unwinding the place can be that is why it is highly visited despite its location. Recognized as the Haven of the North, some of the reasons why people visit Pagudpud is the fact that nature and resources are naturally preserved and the absence of big crowds.

pagudpudHere is a 3-day 2-night suggested itinerary when traveling to Pagudpud:

Getting There

– No direct flight is available to Pagudpud. You will have to take a flight bound to Laoag City and from there, a mini-bus ride will take you directly to Pagudpud within one and a half to two hours ride.
– Florida bus is among of the bus companies that can take you from Manila to Pagudpud. There are still other bus companies though but most of them go up to Ilocos Sur,not Pagudpud. When in Metro Manila, Florida bus can be contacted through 731-4473.


– There are a lot of inns and hotels that you can choose from. You can research on the place before booking on them. These places are usually fully booked during peak seasons, so it is also a wise idea if you book a room prior to going to the place. Resort or inn prices usually start at 1,500 pesos. But there are other transient houses that you can check in too if you are on a tight budget. Some of the hotels or inns in Pagudpud, as well as their contact numbers, are listed below:

1. Apo Idon Beach Hotel – said to be the best choice for tourists.
Tel. No: 077 861 1491
Mobile: 0917 5100671/0939 5368966
Email : [email protected]
Facebook :
Blog :

2.Pagudpud Rinnovati – another place that can give you high quality accommodation which is located in the juncture of Saud Beach Cove.
Mobile: +639278904292
Email: [email protected]

3.Saud Beach Resort
Tel. No: 63-77-7641005

– There are still others that you can look in to. You can research on them and the internet is a great source of information for any other accommodation when you travel to Pagudpud.

Things to Bring
– CASH – Pagudpud has no ATM. The nearest one is in Laoag which is almost two hours away from the place.
– Snacks and Water – You might as well bring some food with you just in case.Trips might take hours and you might get hungry.
– Medicines – bring with you some emergency medicines such as pain relievers or paracetamol to aid some discomfort.

DAY 1 – on the first day, you can settle yourselves in the place where you stay. Ask the manager if they have tour packages or any tour offers that you might like. A walk around the beach resort or hotel can be ideal. You can also plan ahead for the coming days.

DAY 2 – better wake up early and prepare yourself as well as your camera. There will be lots of beautiful places that you can go to in Pagudpud. Here are some of the places that you can visit in order:
*Cape Bojeador
*Bangui Mills
*Kaibigan Falls
*Patapat Viaduct
*Aqua Grande
*Paraiso Ni Anton
*Blue Lagoon or the Boracay of the North

DAY 3 – rest, eat and prepare for departure. You can also visit souvenir shops and buy some of their products.

The moment you arrive, take a rest and pray for the safety as well as the adventure you just had. From then on, you know that you have just visited one of God’s beautiful creation — Pagudpud.

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