24 Hours in Bratislava


Bratislava is a popular traveling destination for short-term stays and one-day trips. Bratislava is the largest and the capital city of Slovakia situated in the southwestern part of the country. Bratislava is the economic, cultural and political center of Slovakia. At present, Bratislava is gaining popularity as a must-see destination for European travelers for short trips. If you are planning to have a transient excursion in Bratislava — approximately 24 hours to burn — read on these helpful bits of information in visiting the small central European gem. 

  • Main attractions in Bratislava are located on the northern side of the Danube. Things to do in the Danube River, one of the world?s greatest rivers, include strolling, eating at the floating restaurants, sleeping on botels (hotels + boats), canoeing and plain sightseeing.
  • Spend the night in the Main Square. Located at the heart of Bratislava, Main Square’s top tourist spots include the Roland Fountain and the Old Town Hall. The place is surrounded by colorful buildings that are reminiscent of the renaissance eras.
  • Go to Bratislava Castle. The view is breathtaking as it provides an overlooking view across the Danube. You can also a have a brief stopover at Slavin Hill which likewise offers an expansive view of the city.


  • Get pampered with Darsana massage. Darsana massage is a very distinctive massage therapy that is believed to have originated from the southern part of India. It is rated by the Trip Advisor as the best massage in Asia at around $80 per session. For many, the cost is fairly reasonable which include a 60-minute body massage, facial massage, gentle bath and a hot tea drink.
  • Go to Funus. Everybody knows this place. Funus is an old style tavern that brings back people to what is life 40 years ago. Not just this place is historical but there were a lot of people saying that the beer in Funus is better than in any place in downtown.

Quick Tips:
1. There are quite a number of hostels available in Bratislava at cheaper rates for as little as $7.
2. Bratislava has easy travelling distance of Vienna (1 hour), Prague (4) and Budapest (3). 
3. Catch the free museum days. Bratislava offers free viewing on museums every first Sunday of the month. Most recommended: Museum of Slovak Jews
4.  Avail Be Free tours. Bratislava conducts a free city tour twice daily, 11am and 4pm. The tour entertains and educates the tourists about the history, culture and tradition of Bratislava’s charming Old Town. The tour is in English which runs about 2 hours and 15 minutes, operating in all weather conditions.  Don’t forget to give tips since the tour only operates from what they get from the trippers.