Indonesia Passport Holders: List of Countries That Don’t Require Visas

Visa not required
This is also known as “visa-free entry” which entitles a certain passport holder privilege to enter the country for a specific period in what is usually termed “landing permssion”

Visa on arrival
This means a certain passport holder still needs a visa to enter but can apply for it and receive the visa upon arrival at the airport.

An e visa or electronic travel authority is a tourist and travel visa which comes in electronic format,meaning no label or stamp ever appears in your passport.

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Destination Visa Policy
Armenia Visa on arrival for maximum 120 days
Bangladesh Visa required
Bermuda 21 days
British Virgin Islands Visa on arrival for 1 month
Brunei No visa up to 14 days
Cambodia Visa on arrival eVisa available
Cape Verde Visa on arrival
Chile 60 days
Colombia 180 days
Comoros Visa on arrival
Cook Islands 31 days
Djibouti Visa on arrival
Dominica Up to 6 months
Ecuador 90 days
Fiji Up to 4 months
Grenada Visa required
Guyana Up to 6 months
Haiti 3 months
Hong Kong 30 days
Iran Visa on arrival, 30 days
Jordan Visa on arrival
Kyrgyzstan 30 days, visa on arrival
Laos 14-30 days
Macau 30 days
Madagascar Visa on arrival 90 days, 30 days free of charge
Malawi Visa on arrival for 90 days
Malaysia 30 days
Maldives 30 days with possible extension
Marshall Islands Visa on arrival
Mauritania Visa on arrival at Nouakchott International Airport
Micronesia 30 days
Morocco 90 days
Mozambique Visa required in advance from the embassy
Myanmar 14 days
Nepal Up to 150 days
Nicaragua Visa on arrival $10 Tourist card
Niue 30 days
Oman Visa on arrival for 30 days
Palau Visa on arrival for 30 days
Papua New Guinea 60 days
Peru Up to 183 days
Philippines 30 days
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 1-6 months
Samoa 60 days
Seychelles 3 months
Singapore 30 days
Suriname Visa on arrival for 2 months
Tajikistan Visa on arrival for 45 days
Tanzania Visa on arrival, but recommended to obtain before departure
Thailand 30 days
Timor-Leste Visa on arrival for 30 days
Togo Visa on arrival for 7 days, extension up to 90 days
Tuvalu Visa on arrival for 1 month
Uganda 3 months visa on arrival eVisa available
Vietnam 14-30 days
Zimbabwe Visa on arrival for 3 months