Annoying Airplane Seatmates You Wish To Avoid

Depending on how we define annoying airplane seatmates, our description of these unwanted seatmates may vary. But having experienced more than just a few long-haul flights that demand a great deal of patience, we bring you these awful characters present above 40,000 feet.

1. The crying babies.
Even when you’re in the departure gate, you can tell if your flight is a pleasant (you can sleep easily) or a long and restless one simply by observing strollers around.

Crying babies often refer to crying infants who wail in the middle of the flight when their diapers get wet or looking for milk, but they can also refer to whining passengers who can always find something wrong from a malfunctioning inflight entertainment system to an awful meal.

2. The big group of passengers.
With a big company of friends or family members, these individuals are loaded with confidence that they can make fun of anything and expect laughter from their companions. They can be loud and boisterous, with little or no regard to their seatmates.

Sometimes they are a football team on an economy budget, a tour group of elderly guests or students on a spring break who are new to flying and hide their fear and anxiety with their cocky behavior.


3. The alone and restless.
This may refer to solitary passengers who could not make up their mind on what to do. At one point they take their laptop and appear busy with pending Excel reports or PowerPoint presentations. The next thing you notice is see them bring out their book or iPhone.

A little while they are seen nibbling peanuts while poring over the inflight magazine. That’s understandable for solo travelers only if their constant motion don’t attract attention and distract fellow passengers.

No wonder they are traveling alone.

4. The bladder.
George Costanza was quoted in Seinfeld reading in medical journals that letting go in the shower without the need to head to the toilet at the end of the hall helps avoid getting kidney problems.

This might just be exactly in the mind of our seatmate who is seated at the window but wakes you up as he or she regularly pays a visit to the toilet every 20 minutes. We would have been okay to agree to switch seats just to accommodate their bladder requirements.

5. The hyperactive kids.
Kids overloaded with sugar diet and deprived of gadgets that sedate them into the corner are often a nuisance to other passengers as they run, poke and scream around in the middle of an otherwise quiet flight.

Parents who are used (or helpless) to their unruly behavior don’t seem to mind them. But when one passenger reminds them to stay still and be quiet, the parents are quick to do a rebuttal, “hey, mind your own business!”

While we all get excited for an upcoming holiday, such mishaps in the middle of the flight can define or behavior once we land in our destination.

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