11 Signs That You Are in a Bad Hotel


For travelers who have tight budgets, selection of decent hotel rooms may be limited. However, venturing way beyond the confines of typical travelers in hopes of getting cheapest rooms could lead to disappointments.

There is a reason why cheap hotel rooms are cheap: quite a distance from transport links, lack of facilities or small space accommodations. While these drawbacks are legitimate compromise for getting steep discounts, what’s unacceptable are characteristics of a bad hotel.

Besides making poor planning or travel decisions on last minute, bad hotel experiences are also expected on well-planned journeys. Yet poor taste or going to extreme bargain hunting makes things worse. So how do we know we are staying at a bad hotel? Read on.

  1. Mysterious smell. Whether that’s in the bathroom or carpet that sure elicits a big ‘ewww’ and one can’t help but imagine the personalities of previous 132 guests who have checked in at the hotel and stayed in my room OR the quality of staff employed to do shortcut cleaning.
  2. Faulty door knobs and loose cabinet hinges. Such things may be minor but they actually reveal the state of disrepair your hotel is currently suffering. One could question the level of security or incidence of accidents especially when you’re traveling with kids or minors.
  3. Water heater doesn’t work. For some reason you were waiting for 10 minutes for the tap water to turn from cool to warm, prepare to bathe in great level of discomfort. Traveling in winter or in places other than tropical countries can make things hard for you if this is the case.
  4. Bugs in the room. Personal hygiene should be the mantra for every hotel room provider. But in the age of mass travel and high hotel occupation rates, cleaning effort may be done haphazardly. This could lead to contracting disease simply by laying on bed infected with bugs and other creatures.
  5. Staff unsure where is your assigned room. Or worse, if there’s available room for you. This could either be you were never booked or the hotel has incompetent staff. Dealing with them from asking for directions to borrowing phone battery chargers can be a pain. Good thing we have hotel review websites that motivate managers to remind staff to perform customer service better.
  6. You hear a mysterious voice from next door asking for help. Whether that’s a real crime happening or ghosts haunting you in the middle of the night, both surely will keep you awake for a while.
  7. You can hear other guests talking on the other room. Whether they are talking, laughing or moaning on the other room, we don’t mind as long as we don’t hear them while we are in the comforts of our bed.
  8. You ask for a non-smoking room but traces of nicotine still sticks in carpet or curtain. Some people are sensitive to smoke, and pretending that a room is off-limits to smokers even if it’s not just smacks dishonesty. Guests ask, what else is this hotel hiding from us?
  9. You can’t find a TV channel good enough to watch. We’re talking at least of English news channels like BBC or CNN. Some guests don’t demand cable channels but when the only thing the television channel shows is static channel, they’ll bound to complain too.
  10. You ask for wi-fi but you didn’t know you are charged until check out time. Many hotels offer free wi-fi but there are still others that charge their guests. Worse, you didn’t know how much you are paying until you check out and realize you’ve been charged this much.
  11. You can’t leave your bags in the lobby after checkout. We understand checkout time is meant for cleaners to prepare room for next set of guests, but if leaving the room also meant vacating the hotel for good — never allowing us to use a small space of the lobby while we take last-minute exploration of the city is just rude.
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