‘Best Job in the World’ Shortlist Released


Almost 350,000 people expressed an interest in the jobs, which were widely advertised last month.

The roles included wildlife caretaker in South Australia, “chief funster” in New South Wales (a social commentator who goes to tourist industry functions in preparation for events such as the Sydney Festival, Mardi Gras and New Year’s Eve at the harbour), park ranger in Queensland, wine and food taster in Western Australia, outback adventurer in Northern Territory, and lifestyle photographer in Melbourne, Victoria.

Applicants were asked to submit a video explaining why they would be suitable for the positions advertised. Shortlisted applicants will now need to supply references, and then there will be a final assessment in Australia in mid-June. The successful candidates will be named on June 21.

Chief Funster / New South Wales

  • Abigail Courroy (France)
  • Andrew Smith (USA)
  • Emily Maguire (USA)
  • Cameron Ernst (USA)
  • Cecile Raubenheum (South Africa)
  • Juliet Mayne (UK)
  • Mariam Romatalieva (Russia)
  • Paula Reisen (France)
  • Samantha Hawker (Australia)
  • Yumiri Inoue (Japan)
  • Shay Mirza (UK)
  • Roman Rudiak (Australia)
  • Nathalie Gualdaroni (France)
  • Justine Smith (USA)
  • Holly Easterbrook (UK)
  • Brittany Macleod (USA)
  • Egidija Deveikyte (Lithuania)
  • Gaz Proctor (UK)
  • Kritika Naidu (India)
  • Pablo Martinez (Mexico)
  • Sophie Gudmann Knutsson (Sweden)

Lifestyle Photography / Melbourne

  • Alexander Lee (Australia)
  • Andres Brenner (Argentina)
  • Bobo Sizu Zhao (China)
  • Chris Henschel (Canada)
  • Damian Livesey (UK)
  • Heber Hanly (Ireland)
  • Delphine Denans (France)
  • Jaime Schirmer (USA)
  • Katie Lin (Canada)
  • Luke Moran-Morris (UK)
  • Marie Michiels (Belgium)
  • Virginie Lorillou (France)
  • Roberto Seba (Brazil)
  • Tiong Lim (Malaysia)
  • Moska Najib (Afghanistan)
  • Richard Cullen (Ireland)
  • Travis Longmore (Australia)
  • Melissa Toh (Malaysia)
  • Luka Dakskobler (Slovenia)
  • Johannes Heine (Germany)
  • Ellenor Argyropoulos (Australia)
  • Courtney Hood (USA)
  • Ashley Pearson (USA)


Outback Adventurer / Northern Australia

  • Alejandro Velasco (Mexico)
  • Alexander Bourdeau (USA)
  • Alisa Messeroff (USA)
  • Allan Dixon (Ireland)
  • Aude Mayans (France)
  • David Lohmuller (Germany)
  • Doug Stidolph (UK)
  • Eileen Street (USA)
  • Felipe Minier (France)
  • Graham Freeman (USA)
  • Joao Ribeiro (Portugal)
  • Joshua Garcia (USA)
  • Louis Leleu (France)
  • Maddie Castles (Australia)
  • Mia Warren (Australia)
  • Olivier Morency (USA)
  • Portia Spinks (Australia)
  • Raven Cheng (Hong Kong)
  • Rodrigo Silva (Brazil)
  • Ryan Van Duzer (USA)
  • Stefan Janisch (Austria)
  • Tabitha Lipkin (USA)
  • Wun-Jhen Chen (Taiwan)
  • Yihan He (China)

Park Ranger / Queensland

  • Aidar Baisalbayev (Kaszakhstan)
  • Aurelie Leclerq (France)
  • Christian Wagner (Germany)
  • Christopher Beavon (Australia)
  • Chris Leung (Hong Kong)
  • Cival Van Der Lubbe (Netherlands Antilles)
  • David Robertson (Australia)
  • Drew Sellen (Canada)
  • Elisa Detrez (France)
  • Hilary Billings (USA)
  • Jake Philpott (Australia)
  • Jo Muskus (UK)
  • Joanna Horsfall (Australia)
  • Julia Matos (Australia)
  • Jussi Saha (Finland)
  • Libby Hadrill (UK)
  • Lloyd Godson (Australia)
  • Loic Ney (France)
  • Margi Shah (Canada)
  • Marina Zrust (USA)
  • Massimiliano Morelli (Italy)
  • Nadia Minnaar (South Africa)
  • Nina Drecq (Belgium)
  • Stephen Whittaker (UK)
  • Victoria Ortiz (USA)

Taste Master /Western Australia

  • Alex Park (South Korea)
  • Alyssa Coke (USA)
  • An Tran (Canada)
  • Anastasiia Bocharova (Russia)
  • Anna Fotakis (UK)
  • Arianna Spagnolo (Italy)
  • Asha Patel (UK)
  • Ben Starr (USA)
  • Beth Kelsey (UK)
  • Christopher Henson (UK)
  • Francisca del Castillo Guerra (France)
  • Huguet Delphine (France)
  • Izabella Rekiel (Australia)
  • Julian Button (Germany)
  • Katie Brown (Australia)
  • Lisa Farrell (UK)
  • Mary Gazze (Canad)
  • Nicole Szanto (USA)
  • Rebecca Morris (USA)
  • Reena Retuta (USA)
  • Renee Coers (The Netherlands)
  • Rich Keam (UK)
  • Simon Brett (Australia)
  • Sophie Howard (UK)
  • Stefanie Wee (Singapore)

Wildlife Caretaker / Southern Australia

  • Adrian Fernandez (Spain)
  • Alice Callow (UK)
  • Brittany Arvizu (USA)
  • Caroline Vetter(USA)
  • Cesar Termine (France)
  • Chanel Hason (USA)
  • Giovanna Cugnetoo (Italy)
  • Greg Snell (Canada)
  • Hsin-Hsuan Hsieh (Taiwan)
  • Hyungyoon Kim (South Korea)
  • Jasmin Avinja Maier (Germany)
  • Julie Deplanque-Lasserre (France)
  • Kaycie Merrihew (USA)
  • Mareike Pohling (Germany)
  • Mathew Richards (United Kingdom)
  • Melissa Laginha (Australia)
  • Nick Tilley (USA)
  • Niklas Guggenberger (Germany)
  • Sarah Cross (USA)
  • Scott Tisson (UK)
  • Shane Leversen (USA)
  • Sylvie Lau (France)
  • Thomas Hesketh (UK)
  • Valerio Cozzi (Italy)
  • Zahra Amalia Syarifah (Indonesia)

The winning applicants will have a six-month salary worth AUS$100,000 (£65,000), including living costs.

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