Booking Airbnb for the First Time: 5 Tips When Searching for Home Away From Home

The sunny summer days are knocking on the door and its time to start working on executing the vacation plans you’ve been planning for a year now. The best way to get started is to make use of the economy services such as Airbnb and save some precious bucks.

Though Airbnb has been a wonderful way to travel at affordable rates, there are people who are still hesitant and skeptical about the services of Airbnb.

We bring to you some guides and tips that will help you understand the services you can get at Airbnb.

  1. Scamming
    Airbnb transactions take place through the Airbnb website and are secure. There is no possibility of you ever getting scammed. In-person cash swaps are 100 percent forbidden under Airbnb rules. Once you choose a place to stay, after agreeing to the house rules, you will need to submit your financial info to Airbnb. The charged money won’t be released by Airbnb until it has been 24 hours after you have checked in into the place. This facility is just to make sure that both the lessee and the host have made all the agreements.

In case of any issues, you must contact Airbnb within the first 24 hours and your payment will be put on hold. If something that was not earlier agreed on, happens during the course of your stay then depending upon what condition you are in, you may even get a full refund.

  1. Cleaning Fee
    Whether or not you are charged the cleaning fee depends upon the host. The amount asked also depends upon the host. But once you have made the payment, there will be no increase or decrease in this.The cleaning fee is one-time and non-refundable.
  1. Security Deposit

Some hosts ask for a security deposit. The money you pay as the security deposit is kept safe unless a claim is filed by the owner. The amount asked is agreed upon by the host, the lessee and Airbnb. This is how the entire process takes place. To claim the security deposit, the host must file a claim with Airbnb within 48 hours of your departure.

As a proof for demand of the fund, they must submit the before and after photos of the damage along with the receipt stating the exact cost that is being demanded. If the lessee rejects the claim, Airbnb will intervene and investigate. If enough evidence to support the claim isn’t found or if the demanded money isn’t justified, the claim will be rejected.

  1. Safety

The chances of the host being the villain in a story are much less than the chances of the guests misbehaving. But the possibility of the former cannot be ruled out. Always check the rules of the state or the country you will be staying in. Airbnb has a program that allows hosts to upload their state or country identification, so you can check them out beforehand.

  1. Our recommendations
  • Read the reviews before you choose a host.
  • Choose places with a triangular “A” watermark in the top right hand of photos. They mean that the hosts had professional Airbnb photographers at their place to take the pictures.
  • Airbnb is all about personal interactions. Making a quick phone call to the host before requesting a booking will make things more comfortable at both ends.
  • Airbnb offers five types of cancellation policies so read the host’s cancellation policy carefully.
  • There may be an emergency and the host may have to cancel your booking so keep checking your email.
  • Do not make the host wait around for you to show up. Also, do not bring in extra guests. This is not a hotel.
  • Though you are the guest, you are rated too. So if you go wrong, the host is going to give you ratings accordingly.


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