Checklist of Things to Bring on Trans-Siberian Train Trip

Travel on the Trans-Siberian train trip is, as you might imagine, the trip of a lifetime. You may have spend time on trains in the United States or used a rail-pass in Europe but little you experienced on those trips will prepare you for the Trans-Siberian.

Knowing what to bring will make the difference between a good adventure and the longest four days of your life. Here are some things from my traveling checklist that you should certainly consider bringing with you.


What to Wear & What to Bring
In four days of travel you will visit many city and rural areas. You need to be ready for both, in a casual way. The weather you will encounter defines what you need to bring. The ability to wear layers of clothing will allow you to adjust to frequent changes in temperature. The environment in the train can range from tropically hot to the Siberian cold you expected. If your wear clothing that can come of, or put on, in layers you will be in control of the situation. This information translates into these clothing tips.

  1. T-Shirts as bottom layer clothing
  2. Flannel and wool shirts for upper layers
  3. Light weight web top footwear
  4. Light and thin socks for inside your shoes
  5. Heavy oversized socks to pull over your shoes at night for warmth
  6. Waterproof snow boots
  7. Rubber soled slippers (the toilet floors are wet after cleaning in the train)
  8. Loose baggy pants for train
  9. Windproof pants for trips off the train
  10. Several good hoodies of made from various materials
  11. Light pull over hats and heavy duty ear covering head gear
  12. Two sets of sunglasses
  13. Mummy bag for sleep time

Other things that you may need are as follows.

  1. Personal care items
  2. Lightweight electronic book reader or game player with extra battery packs
  3. Swiss Army type knife, personal eating utensils, Chopsticks for noodles
  4. Plugs or limp rubber disks to keep sinks plugged and hold water
  5. One plastic plate and some paper plates to hold food bought on the train
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