Cleanup Shortcuts for Hotel Cleaners to Meet Deadlines


HOTEL cleaners are taking hygiene shortcuts to meet deadlines to fix rooms in 15 minutes, for work that takes about 45 minutes to do properly, the union representing many of the industry’s workers says.

Concerns over contract cleaners, many of whom work for major hotel chains, has led the Fair Work Ombudsman to launch a new national campaign examining working conditions and pay rates.

Jess Walsh from union United Voice, which has run campaigns targeting hotels for not treating their cleaning staff properly, said it takes 45 minutes for a cleaner to properly maintain a hotel room. But hotel bosses are demanding the job be done in as little as 15 minutes, she said.

”Most hotel room attendants are lucky to make $450 a week,” she said, with many working unpaid overtime to get their jobs done properly. ”These missing wages could add $10,000 a year to their income.”

hotel_cleanerBut the chief executive of Accommodation Association of Australia, Richard Munro, argued most hotels gave cleaners enough time to do rooms properly. Those that did not quickly lost business.

”First and foremost, the product has to be first-rate, so we as an industry don’t compromise standards,” he said. ”Consumers will tell [hotels] very quickly if their product is not up to speed. If someone is not giving cleaners enough time to clean their rooms, their consumers will tell them.”

And the managing director of Tourism Accommodation Australia, Rodger Powell, said in many cases 15 minutes would be ample time to clean a room well.

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