7 Common Mistakes Solo Travelers Make

Being alone when traveling has its own set of perks: you have absolute freedom so you can go splurge or stay on shoestring budget without raising eyebrows. But there are also a set of pitfalls, common mistakes that solo travelers often make. Check them out before you embark on a solo flight.

Not saving money on hostels

Hostels rate is per person and not for each room. So if you are staying in a room made to accommodate two persons then you would have to pay twice than the actual rate of a solo room.

Looking for cheaper solo supplement charges

Flying solo comes with a price and most of its prices usually come from the extra charge that a solo traveller pays when they are paying for hotel rooms, cruises and tours. Look for companies that give a good value in solo travels.

Carrying a little bit of extra

Solo travellers often have the urge to pack too much because they think that they need more things in case something happens. Resist this urge. Bringing extra baggage would not only feel heavy on your backs but also on your pockets.

Not taking the extra precaution

Travelling solo is fun and relaxing but it also comes with a certain danger. Usually, when travelling alone, some people tend to prey on them because there is no one to know if they are missing or no one to talk to if they are being manipulated. Try to avoid trouble spots and try to blend in as much as possible.

photo credit: citywonders.com
photo credit: citywonders.com

Scheduling travel for late nights or early mornings

Another mistake that new solo travellers commit is taking the late night and early morning flights in order to have a cheaper airfare. Remember, you are in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people around you. If this happens to you or you actually chose to have that flight, make sure that you made arrangements to a person you can rely on to wait for you and provide escort.

Becoming too trusting

Usually, people who want to manipulate you sometimes tend to be the friendliest of people. Use caution when this happens. Illegal businesses tend to send out scouts in order to bring in new customers and they do this by making friends with unknowing tourists. There are cases wherein drinks were spike and have the victims wake up with all of their money gone. This is not to say that you should not have friends in a foreign land, just be careful.

Drinking above alcohol tolerance

Public drunkenness results to many fines an punishments around the world, some even more severe than others. You will also have your judgment clouded thus putting yourself in a very dangerous position where strangers are concerned. Veteran solo travellers tend to approach the host or the concierge make arrangements to have them safely back to their hotels when closing time arrives. Having someone have your back in a foreign land is always a good thing, however, prevention is better than cure thus, thus we advise you to have your own designated driver and try to keep yourself sober for the rest of the night.

Not having a backup plan

People often prefer solo trips because there’s no one to actually consult if you want to go to that one weird restaurant that you heard so much about or to have someone to ask if they want to go to that other landmark which is an hour or two away in the city. However, if you are to travel solo, it would be preferable to have someone know your estimate times of arrival and to have someone have your itinerary in case you go missing. Don’t close your phone off completely, confirm your arrival and check in now and then. Another piece of advice is to have your bank know the countries you’ll visit so they don’t suspect fraud and freeze your credit card account.


Traveling on your own has its own set of benefits. But it also entails risks and hazards that’s radically reduced when traveling with at least one companion. Planning on a solo trip likely takes more time to plan, and hopefully by doing this a traveler will reap the corresponding advantages of being a solo traveler.