Asia Cruise Terminal Association Moves To Draw More Ships To Asia

The Asia Cruise Terminal Association (ACTA) says the cruise market in the region is burgeoning rapidly and it will be embarking on several initiatives to position the industry to embrace this.

ACTA Members held their second meeting last week in Subic Bay, the Philippines, where they agreed to a number of initiatives to foster and drive cooperation among best-in-class service providers, to ensure a smooth passage for cruise lines and their passengers in and out of the respective ports.

Singapore Cruise Centre (SCC) is the first-elected chairman for ACTA, which will be officially launched in Singapore on Nov 14.

Building an infrastructure of neutral, maritime specialist service providers to support cruise ships, is one such initiative that the ACTA has agreed to undertake in a collective effort to draw more cruise lines to the region.

The ACTA chairman, who is also SCC’s chief executive officer, Christina Siaw said: “We operate in a thriving industry, which is rapidly growing.

“Cruise lines from around the world want to come to Asia, but need to be assured of the facilities and infrastructure available to support the cruise ships.

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