Disney Won’t Build Disneyland Philippines.. For Now

Sorry folks, there won’t be any Disneyland in the Philippines, at least anytime soon.

This comes as news circulating on social media related to a supposed $350 million investment purportedly for Disneyland Philippines.

Communication Secretary Sonny Coloma said President Aquino met with leaders of Los Angeles-based global corporations following his participation in the special ASEAN-US Summit.

While among those whom President Aquino met was Walt Disney International chairman Andy Bird, there was no mention of setting up of a Disneyland theme park in the Philippines. Instead, Bird told the President “there are possibilities for tapping into the robust talent pool of creative Filipinos just like Ronnie del Carmen (co-director of Pixar’s “Inside Out”), Bobby Pontillas (one of the animators for Disney’s “Frozen”), Armand Serrano (visual development artist for Walt Disney Animation Studio who worked on “Mulan,” “Tarzan,” and “Big Hero 6,” among others), and Gini Santos (one of the animators for Pixar’s “The Incredibles”).

So for Disney fans, Hong Kong is the nearest Disneyland destination, with another Disney theme park in Shanghai opening in June 2016.

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