easyJet Flight Delays and Cancellations: Advice to Passengers

Flight delays and cancellations are inevitably becoming more common experience among passengers as air traffic congestion, changing weather patterns and security issues often prevail as reasons. The experience can be more excrutiating to those who endure long-haul flights, fighting jet lag while catching a connecting flight.

If you are flying easyJet and experience flight disruptions, it offers, at least on its website, a clear set of instructions to passengers.

Flight delayed by less than three hours:
If delays are less than two hours, passengers are advised to keep updated using easyJet’s Flight Tracker smartphone app. But if delay exceeds two hours, passengers may request easyJet to provide meal vouchers for use within the terminal. Just ask for ground staff for more details.

Flight delayed more than three hours:
Passengers are advised to reach out to easyJet customer team in the airport to avail of refreshments while waiting for the flight. Likewise passengers are also advised to check the Flight Tracker app for flight status updates. Text messages from the airline can also be sent to update the passengers.

Flight delayed overnight:
Passengers are entitled to a hotel accommodation as well as meal in the evening and breakfast the following morning as they wait for their flight. Please make necessary arrangements with easyJet staff at the airport.

Should easyJet fail to book hotel accommodations, passengers can book by themselves and later apply to refund the cost of a reasonably priced room, plus evening meal and breakfast.

Flight has been cancelled:
Passengers of cancelled flights have three options.

a. Move the flight to another easyJet flight schedule free of charge. This can be done online using the Manage Booking section of easyJet website. Please prepare the flight details such as email address and password if you booked the flight yourself at easyJet website, or flight booking reference, which can be found in the e-ticket printout, if someone else booked for you.

b. Get a refund. If you no longer wish to travel and decide to cancel your trip, you’ll get a full refund of the unused tickets. If you booked the flights through the easyJet app, kindly visit My easyJet . If you booked through easyJet sales agent please call them at the numbers displayed at the bottom of page. If through a third-party, kindly arrange with the customer service staff of the booking party.

c. Reroute your flight on another carrier under similar conditions. Please arrange with easyJet ground staff to facilitate this option.

How to file for reimbursement of expenses
Expenses related to the delay or cancellation of flights may seek reimbursement of additional expenses such as food and accommodation. Please visit easyJet expense claim form page and provide necessary information such as flight details and copies of expense receipts.


How to file for compensation for delayed or cancelled flights
Passengers whose flights have been cancelled or delayed on arrival by more than 3 hours are entitled to file for compensation by filling out this form. Please note that passengers who booked their flights through third-party agents should approach those agents to file on the passenger’s behalf.

easyJet hotline numbers

  • United Kingdom Call 0330 365 5000
  • Austria Call 0820 320 950
  • Croatia Call 0601 90199
  • Denmark Call 458988 1032
  • France Call 0820420 315
  • Germany Call 01806060 606
  • EUR 0.20 per call from landlines and a maximum of EUR 0.60 per call from mobiles. Prices may vary if calling from abroad.
  • Greece Call 211198 0013
  • Israel Call 97237630561
  • Italy Call 199201 840
  • Portugal Call 70750 0176
  • Spain Call 902599 900
  • Switzerland Call 0848 282828
  • Netherlands Call 0900 040 1048
  • Rest of World Call +44330 3655454
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