How to Access Hotel Wi-Fi Without Paying for It

If you work online or regularly require the internet, getting access can be quite expensive. It is best to look for places that offer free Wi-Fi, like hotels. However, many of these places require you to check-in as a guest or pay an hourly rate. There are ways to get fast internet access in hotels for free.

Look for hotels that offer free wi-fi

Start by searching for hotels that offer free Wi-Fi or areas that are known to provide internet service via Wi-Fi. (Here’s a list of hotels with free wi-fi in New York.) It is equally important to ensure that the internet connection is strong, fast, and stable. It will be easier to gain and maintain access if the establishment uses powerful internet devices.

Look for hidden networks

Some of these places do not have passwords to access the internet because they expect visitors to stay within the vicinity and at least order something. One of the best approaches is parking your car near a hotel then get Wi-Fi access for free. Stay within the hotspot, but don’t let anyone know, or else the establishment might set up a wall or password.

Join a loyalty program

A loyalty program will provide you with quick Wi-Fi access free of charge. However, you have to deal with frequent newsletters and updates regarding the hotel. Some loyalty programs are free, while others will charge a minimum rate but offer you nonstop internet access each month. Install a reliable spam filter, so you don’t have to deal with advertisements and pop-ups.

Look for codes

Many hotels and hotel restaurants and cafes will hand out codes on small strips of paper or receipts of purchasing customers. Many people will usually leave these on their tables. Get the paper as they leave then get the password for instant free Wi-Fi. You can also bring a companion along who will be purchasing coffee or other small snacks. Share the receipt and gain Internet access after. This looks shabby but it could work for some Internet-addicted gutsy hotel guests.

hotel-wifiTether your smartphone

Smartphones usually have 3G or 4G connection. The approach involves tethering the link to the computer. There are tethering applications available for Apple and Android phones that will give you unlimited Wi-Fi connection. Some models need to be jail-broken or rooted first.

Hack into the account

There are several approaches to crack WPA and WEP passwords easily. A live CD will usually provide you with access. However, there are consequences should you get caught, because it is illegal. Hire a professional if needed, but both of you will still be liable for the offense.

There are several apps and tools available that can also provide quick and free Wi-Fi access, depending on the computer or smartphone you’re using. Stay updated with the types and models then observe how others are lurking around hotels.

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