Guide to Cuba for First Time Visitors

A summer getaway mostly composes of sun, good food and lots of beaches. There is a lot of it now being offered in many different countries, but Cuba is not like any other. Here are a few things to do in order to really soak that Cuban sun.

Casa Particular
When in a foreign land, the best way to experience their culture (and of course, their food) is by getting to know the locals. Casa Particular is a hotel that feels like a lodger. The guests could stay in the same living space as the owner does. On normal circumstances, this situation would be awkward but then it all depends on the company. And the company at Casa Particular is no awkward folks.

No Internet
Cuba is among the most poorly connected countries in the world so if you want to upload all your travelson Facebook then you might want to do that for later. However if you are checked in to a more posh hotels then there might be a possibility that you can get a connection with you phone. Due to the internet problems in Cuba, you might want to do all your research on all the tourist spots on Cuba at home or simply bring a guidebook with you. Think positively and consider this a chance for you to reconnect to the real world through your own perspective.


Night plans
If you plan to have an epic night out with friends, plan this carefully. Unlike many countries, clubs in Cuba are too far away from any hotels and if you are planning to go club or barhopping, we suggest that you don’t considering that the clubs in Cuba are normally far in between. Find a place that you think you and your friends would like and stick to it considering that you would have to spend time, not to mention money, in getting there. Clubs are normally located at the Havana area where they are greater number but, as what were mentioned before, very far in-between.

The currency in Cuba is kind of confusing to most tourists and because of this many tourists have been victims of scamming. Here is a breakdown of how currency works in Cuba. The locals get paid in pesos, or as what they call it, national pesos. The faces of peso banknotes are printed with head-and-shoulder pictures of Cuban heroes.

For the tourists however, you would have to pay for most goods and services using convertible pesos. It is 24 times more valuable than national pesos and it depicts national monuments in comparison to the national pesos however their value is still printed as peso. You will know if it is a national peso or a convertible peso because it will be indicated in the bill itself. The word ;’peso convertibles’ are put in small font below the value.

After paying in convertibles, you will get a change in national pesos and this would be the safest way to have your national peso with you.

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