How to Get Through Airport Security Faster

Lines are exhausting just as much as travelling itself however, it is a necessary evil for you to be sure of your safety. Nevertheless, there are still a couple of ways to keep your lining experience at a minimal.

1. Get you Paperwork Ready

This might be the most important thing that one should remember when travelling; documents. For some reason, it would always be put somewhere where it would be hard for you to have it on your hands ready. In order to prevent this, have a passport holder or an ID holder to keep the important items separated from the rest of your thing to have them ready for checking.

2. Scan the lines
A short line doesn’t necessarily mean a fast line. Scan the people lining up. Avoid lining with families on vacation especially the ones with babies because they would take an ample amount of time to have all their documents check. Line with business people who basically are in a rush most of the time therefore they would like to get their documents done as fast as it possibly could. A tip: look for the far left or far right scanner lanes.

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3. Dress accordingly.
When going through security, don’t put excessive amounts of jewelry on you but if you’re not comfortable without your metallic bracelet, keep them on you carry-on back, that way, you would get through security without much hassle. The same goes as your keys, put them in your carry-on or in your jacket. If you have loose pants on, try to endure and get out of the line first before redressing, that way you won’t have to stop the line.

Shoes are also checked during security; therefore, it is advised to just wear shoes with socks on in order to prevent stepping on the cold airport floor with your bare feet.

4. Organize your things.

If you’re a woman, chances are, you would have to bring with you a lot of beauty products such as moisturizer, sunscreen, make-up and many more on your travels and most often than not, we don’t really arrange it as much as we do with our clothes in order to prevent the embarrassment of having to unleash everything inside your bag, put it in a plastic bag and on the front pockets of your bag where the security can inspect in pronto.

5. Laptops
Laptops are a must for some people especially business people therefore it is important for you to travel with a TSA-approved laptop bag that will allow you to keep your laptop in the bag. These bags usually come in different styles that will allow you laptop to lay flat on the X-ray machine belt.

6. Other electronics
We tend to be a little bit over dramatic when it comes to capturing moments during our travels and it gets in the way sometimes, especially during security. Each gadget usually are required to be placed on individual bins for the X-ray machine and its really time consuming to do that. To prevent all this you can just pack anything that you won’t need during the flight on your luggage.

7. Be nice
Security tends to be grumpy mainly because they have to make sure that everyone is safe but not everyone can follow simple rules to BE safe. Many passengers don’t see the point of having taking off your belts and all the extra security that the airport does and this usually makes their job frustrating. Therefore, it would be best to treat them kindly because they are only doing their job.

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