How to Remove Dirt, Stain, Scuff Marks on Hardside Luggage

Hardside luggage, especially the popularly advertised as polycarbonate, are popular because of their sturdy built, lightweight features and elegant design.

However, one of the main complaints among owners is that scratches and dirt show very easily. So one of the things to do to minimize such minor damage is to handle them yourself such as carry-on luggage. But since larger sized bags are likely destined as check-in luggage, scratches, dirt and stain are constant hazards.


Cleaning methods

1) Dirt & stain
Such types of travel bags can be cleaned using a solution composed of mild soap or liquid dishwashing detergent and lukewarm water.

Using soft cloth, test a small area of the bag by rubbing it gently with the solution. The procedure is not only meant to remove dirt and stain but to clean the entire shell of the luggage.

Use a plain damp cloth to wipe off any soap residue. Follow this with a completely dry cloth to leave the shell clean and shiny. Ensure that there is no moisture behind so stain is completely removed.


2) Scuff marks
Scuff marks are a result of the lugagge surface grazing on a rough object such rocks or concrete. Use an eraser cleaning pad, mild abrasives or even toothpaste can remove scuffs and scratches from most hard luggage. Test a small area of the bag to be sure it’s appropriate for the surface.

To remove residue of cleaning solution, wipe surface with a damp cloth.

Be aware that these methods are for hardcase luggage and are not applicable to leather bags.

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