Legal Drinking Age in Greece

en it comes to the drinking age in Greece, you may be thoroughly supplied. Regardless of where you are in Greece, it’s very rare that you will be asked for ID. At the supermarket, at a bar; no matter where you are, due to the fact that there is no minimum drinking age (although there is a purchase age of 16), you more than likely won’t be asked for ID.

Greece’s Drinking Culture

Traditionally, drinking alcohol is a very social aspect of the Greek lifestyle to the extent that not only do they drink it with every meal, but even some of the younger children will have a drink. However, that being said, getting drunk is not something that the Greek people take very well.

With tourists, this is something that a lot of them ignore or are unaware of and thus, Greek people aren’t too fond of foreigners drinking. On the other hand, the youth age is very aware of the drinking culture in Greece and take it as an opportunity to get away from home and have a good time with their friends.

Responsible Drinking in Greece

If you plan on heading to Greece at any time and plan on having a drink or two, it’s important that you drink responsibility. If you don’t, not only are you damaging your own body but there’s a fair chance of you hurting those around you and their property whilst you are drunk.

As a sign of respect, try to limit the amount of alcohol that you consume and rather than risking your safety and the safety of those around you, leave your rented car or quad bike at home and walk instead.

Although there is no drinking age in Greece and no purchase age is heavily enforced, the law does all that they can to enforce their drinking while driving laws. In fact, the legal alcohol limit whilst driving in Greece is incredibly low in comparison to other countries and comes in at 0.05. I think it’s safe to say that if you don’t want to get arrested while you are on vacation, limit yourself and drink responsibly.


Getting Alcohol Poisoning While in Greece

If you want to get the full Greek experience whilst you’re there and try “ouzo”, an incredibly strong Greek alcohol drink, then be aware of the hangover that you will without a doubt suffer from the next morning.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to take things to another level and try something even more local than ouzo, a lot of bars in Greece brew some of their own spirits. Although illegal to do so, the police in Greece don’t enforce this too much. However, while these spirits tend to be fantastic, they are incredibly high in alcohol and for your own safety, you’ll only want to have one drink.

A lot of the beachside bars that you find in Greece are worth being wary of. Although their drinks can be very cheap, the chances are that you aren’t drinking what you’ve paid for.

These beachside bars are known notoriously for watering down their alcohol with ethanol rather than water. This is a cheap method for them to use and doesn’t make their drinks taste watery, although pure alcohol isn’t something that your body will accept lightly. Be aware of this whilst you are drinking in Greece as drinking one too many could result in alcohol poisoning.

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