List of 19 Hand Carried Luggage Prohibited at Dubai Airport

Travelers passing through Dubai Airports are reminded that the following items are prohibited inside hand luggage.

1. All types of hammers

2. All types of nails

3. All types of screwdrivers and sharp work tools

4. All types of scissors with blades longer than 6cm

5. Personal grooming kit (parts longer than 6cm will be confiscated)

6. All types of swords and sharp objects

7. Handcuffs

8. All types of laser guns

9. All types of replica firearms

10. All types of firearms, ammunition and flare guns

11. All types of lighters (only one lighter is permitted)

12. All types of bats

13. All types of martial art weapons

14. Drills

15. All types of ropes

16. All types of measuring tapes

17. Packing tape

18. Electrical cables except for personal use

19. Walkie-talkie


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