List of Prohibited Items at Bahrain Airport

The following items are explicitly mentioned as prohibited at Bahrain Airport website.

Any weapon from which a shot may be fired by the force of an explosion or compressed air or gas, including starter and flare pistols.

Knives and Cutting Tools
Including sabers, swords, cardboard cutters, hunting knives, souvenir knives, martial arts devices, professional tools and such other knives with blades of 6cms long or longer and / or knives considered illegal by local law.

Blackjacks, billy clubs, baseball bats or similar instruments.

Explosives and Flammable Goods
Any explosive or incendiary components, which by themselves or in conjunction with other items can result in an explosion or fire. These include explosive materials, blasting caps, fireworks, gasoline, other flammable liquids, ammunition etc, or any combination of these items. Any corrosive or toxic substances, including gases, whether or not under pressure.

Disabling or Incapacitating Items
All tear gas, mace and similar chemicals and gases, whether in pistol, canister or other container, and other disabling devices such as electronic stunning / shocking devices.

Sharp Weapons
Such items as ice picks, alpenstocks, straight razors and elongated scissors which, even though not commonly thought of as a deadly or dangerous weapon, could be used as a weapon, including toy or “dummy” weapons or grenades.

Items That Mimic or Simulate Deadly Weapons
Of any kind giving rise to reasonable suspicion that an item may be used to simulate a deadly weapon; such articles shall include but not be limited to: objects resembling explosive devices or other items that may give the appearance of a weapon or dangerous item.

Chemical or Biological Attack Substances
The possibilities for chemical / biological attacks include the use of chemical or biological agents to commit unlawful acts. Such restricted chemical / biological substances shall include but not be limited to the following: sulphur mustard, vx, chlorine, sarin, hydrogen cyanide, anthrax, botulism, smallpox, tularaemia and viral hemorrhagic fever (v.h.f). Items indicating the nature of the chemical / biological substance or suspicion of such nature shall be immediately notified to the airport operator, police, military or other relevant authority and isolated from public terminal areas.

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