Meet The Most Annoying Airline Passengers

As time passes by, travelers continuously increase in number. Because of this, flight schedules are unable to accommodate the increase in the number of passengers. To conform to the demand, airlines begin to make use of planes with smaller seats and lesser leg room. As a result, flying turns out to be a painful experience for many travelers.

Expedia, the online travel search site, conducted a study among passengers to identify what annoys them when on-board their flights. Partnering with GFK, a market research company, interviewed 1,000 American travelers. They were tasked to rank the most annoying habits of co-passengers on-board. The results of the survey were compiled and released on Expedia?s second etiquette airline study.

The top violators of the Airplane Etiquette were identified and ranked as follows:

  1. Rear seat kicker. Last year the rear seat kicker was given a 38% rating. This year it made its way to the top with a rating of 67%, making it the most aggravating type of etiquette violator on-board.
  2. Inattentive parents. They are parents who can’t keep up with crying babies or hyperactive toddlers. Last year, this type of passenger hit the top spot, being the most annoying. However, this year it was given a 64% rating, making it second in rank.
  3. The aromatic passenger. Given a 56% rating, the aromatic passenger ranks third among the types of airplane etiquette violators. For long haul flights, good luck stumbling upon these men and women who conceal real odor with cheap cologne.
  4. The audio insensitive. Following the aromatic passenger is the inconsiderate passenger who maximizes the audio volume without taking into consideration how it may affect his or her co-flyers. This violator was given a 51% rating.
  5. The boozer. Close to the insensitive passenger is another noisy and drunk passenger. This violator gets a 50% rating.
  6. Chatty Cathy. This type of passenger cannot keep quiet while on board and was given a 43% rating. Although 78% of the passengers stated that small talk is fine, they?d rather keep quiet all throughout the flight.
  7. Carry-on Baggage offenders. These are individuals who carry too much carry-on baggage, which may make the small leg room even smaller. These passengers were said to be 39% annoying.
  8. The armrest hog. 38% of the individuals interviewed said that passengers who occupy too much space on the armrest are as well annoying.
  9. Seat-back guy. Another annoying passenger that can further make the small space even smaller is the seat recliner guy who does not even think of the passenger seated behind him. 37% of the respondents are annoyed by this guy.
  10. The queue jumper. 35% of the respondents also feel annoyed by passengers who are extremely in a hurry to deplane.
  11. Overhead bin inconsiderate. 32% of the passengers are annoyed by co-passengers who stuck all their carry-on baggage in the overhead bin, leaving no more space for other carry-on baggage.
  12. Pungent foodies. Travelers are also annoyed by the passenger who brings along on-board food with pungent odor. Because of this 32% find them annoying while on board.
  13. Backseat grabber. 31% of the respondents also feel annoyed by the backseat grabber.


  14. Playboy. 30% of the passengers find it annoying to see a co-passenger read materials or watch movies that are for adults only while they are on board.
  15. The amorous. These are couples showing an inappropriate display of affection while on board. These passengers were given a 29% rating.
  16. Mad bladder. These are individuals who are always standing up to go to the lavatory. A 28% rating was given to these passengers.
  17. Undresser. The undresser was given a 26% rating, making him or her come next to the mad bladder.
  18. The seat switcher. This passenger comes last in rank and was given a 13% rating.
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