Qantas Moves to Asia

In a surprise publicity assault yesterday, Qantas chief Alan Joyce delivered a swag of announcements about new directions for the airline.

Qantas 737-800. Photo credit: Boeing
But it was quickly obvious that the carefully orchestrated revelations were awash with mixed messages – and the generally hostile reaction in the media and the marketplace was evident long before the end of the day.

The first signal that something was up was the multiple full-page ads in the dailies over breakfast proclaiming that Qantas would always “call Australia home”.

Then the word was around that Joyce would be proclaiming to a small, specially selected group of media at a Sydney hotel at 1000.

It was by then obvious that Qantas was jumping the gun on the announcements about future directions that had been promised for the 24th.

Why the surprise timing? Undoubtedly all involved understood the probability of a seriously adverse reaction and the potential damge it could do to an already tarnished brand.

Because what was announced was far more than the expected strategy for salvaging the international division.

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