Best Things to Do in London During Rainy Days

It is no secret that London has a lot of rainy days. Visitors should therefore be prepared with activities to do when the weather takes a dreary turn. Here are ten great activities to enjoy in London on a rainy day.

1. Go to a Movie
London has a number of excellent theaters. Movie fans can find everything from the latest blockbusters to art house films to screenings of classic films.

2. Go to the Theatre
No city on Earth has better theatre offerings than London. Some of the best actors in the world ply their trade up on the boards in London. Take advantage of this by seeing a matinee or evening show.

3. Head to an Indoor Market
Shopping fans will love the abundance of indoor markets available in London. Shoppers will find some great deals on unique items at the city’s many fascinating indoor markets.

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4. See the Museum of London
This intriguing museum highlights the history of London from its prehistoric origins to the modern-day hustle and bustle. There are lots of interesting exhibits that guests can spend all day exploring.

5. Have a Laugh at Comedy Clubs
There are loads of comedy clubs that visitors can enjoy on a rainy day in London. British humor is known for its wackiness, so visitors will enjoy laughing their heads off at some hilarious comedians.

6. Head to a Pub
No city in the world is more famous for its pubs than London. The city has everything from workingman pubs to posh spots that attract the upper crust. Belly up to the bar and drink the rainy-day blues away.

7. Enjoy some Fine Dining
A rainy day in the city is the perfect time to enjoy a leisurely meal of several courses at one of London’s many upscale eateries or try some more rustic fare at a neighborhood pub.

8. Hit the Club Scene
London has one of the best club scenes in the world. Put on your dancing shoes and enjoy the beat at one of its famous nightclubs.

9. Check out the Bookstores
London has an amazing array of used and new bookstores. Bibliophiles will have a field day checking all of them out.

10. Get Scared
A rainy day sets the perfect atmosphere to visit the London Dungeon. It showcases the many scary events in London’s history like Jack the Ripper and Viking invasions. It also has scary rides that thrill seekers will enjoy.

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