Red Eye Flights: 12 Advantages of Taking Night Flights


Red eye flights take place when travelers are supposed to be asleep at home waiting for the next day’s flight or comfortably settled in their hotel accommodations. But some travelers actually take this flight — between 9 am and 5am — because of the benefits it brings.

Even though they disrupt sleeping patterns and can be a nightmare if you’re flying with crying babies, there are some of the advantages of flying these red-eye schedules:

  1. night-flightFlights scheduled for red-eye shifts are often cheaper than regular daytime departures.
    Late-night flights can be  less than half of the rates offered on day flights. So if you are tight in budget or try to squeeze a bit more savings to supplement your travel expenses, taking red eye flights is one way to accomplish it.
  2. Late night flights offer faster check in.
    With fewer flights, and perhaps fewer passengers taking these late-night flights out of inconvenience hotel check-in hours or unfavorable itinerary planning, travelers have can check in faster and movements from counters to departure gates are often smoother.
  3. Red eye flights are likely to offer extra seats to sleep on. Mid-day flights often fly in full capacity, but night flights are more likely to have vacant seats which are helpful when you want to lie down and sleep. While this is not always a given, it might be reassuring that such arrangements can allow a weary traveler more legroom during flight.
  4. Late night passengers are probably tired and weary. Most parents save the trouble — and embarrassment brought by a crying kid out of a night flight travel. Business people wish to spend  the night knocking a few drinks at the bar, so it’s more likely to encounter quiet passengers during red-eye schedules.

  5. It takes shorter time to claim your luggage. Fewer passengers mean more overhead luggage and fewer check-in luggage to claim. That can only mean less chances of losing your bags and retrieve them faster at the arrival luggage claim conveyor.
  6. Late night flights saves you hotel accommodations. Now that’s for the frugal people who take red-eye flights for this very reason. By taking late-night flights, the airplane becomes your transport and accommodation channel, saving you a night’s worth of hotel bill. If only ear plugs and sleeping masks are as good as your soft hotel  bed.

  7. Late night flights let you avoid rush hour traffic. Fewer passengers on fewer flights also mean fewer cars on the road, which translates to faster getting to the airport and avoid the rush hour madness.
  8. Airport waiting rooms are more spacious. We guess there are many benefits of fewer people at the airport. For airports that are small that normally passengers have to squat on the floor, night flights ensure departure gate seats are all yours.
  9. Late-night flights actually allow you to sleep. Wearing comfortable sleeping attire while airborne helps you sleep more comfortably.
  10. More on-time flights. Fewer flights also means less congested runways and on-time schedules, allowing you to enjoy a full day at business or leisure.
  11. Make the most of your daytime schedule. Since red-eye schedule takes care of your transport arrangement, your daytime schedules are virtually untouched by airport transfers, waiting times and worse, flight delays. While you are taking rest, albeit not so comfortably, you may be good enough to get through your travel itinerary to begin your day as you arrive in your destination.
  12. More attention to you means less likely to lose personal items. If daytime travelers squeeze themselves to get into the scanner, chances are one of them could leave a belt, mobile phone or a small purse behind. With nigh flyers, inspecting staff have fewer people to attend to so an unclaimed watch gets to its rightful owner much quickly.

To many people, red eye flights are an inconvenient way to travel and disrupts their circadian rhythm but it poses economic and practical benefits that many travelers now consider as luxury.

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