Sabah Travel Fair to be Launched at The Mall


Brunei Darussalam recorded top place in terms of international visitor arrivals to Sabah last year with an overall count of 109,141 visitors, averaging 299 visitors per day, and is well positioned to set a new record this year if the current rate continues.

As of the first eight months in 2011, 63,165 new and returning Bruneian visitors made up a huge portion of international travellers, indicating an 11.2 per cent jump compared to the same period in 2010.

The rapid growth of travellers could escalate in the near future given that Sabah will continue to enhance the image and outlook of tourism in the country with new hotel launches, travel packages, new products, exciting destinations not limited to Kota Kinabalu but encompassing other areas such as Sandakan and Tawau.

Sabah has long been admired as a popular holiday destination for independent travelers, most commonly in Kota Kinabalu. “Basically, the main purpose of the exhibition is to update on new products and new packages including promoting hoteliers and other management and services and evidence also suggests that the increasing number of visitors comes from independent travellers. This makes it easier to directly reach out to our target consumers,” Zarinah Hj Amiludin, Marketing Manager of Sabah Tourism Board told the Bulletin in an interview during the first day of the 5th Sabah Travel Fair at the Mall yesterday.

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