Sri Lanka Tourism Aims High Targeting US$ 3 billion in FDI

Sri Lanka has launched a new five-year plan under the guidance of the Economic Development Minister to boost tourism in the country as the country is focusing on development two years after eradicating decades-long terrorism that stalled the progress.

Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa launched the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Strategy for 2011-2016 on Monday outlining plans to attract 2.5 million tourists to the country in the next five years and increased the foreign exchange earnings to $2.75 billion by 2016.

Since the end of the war against the Tamil Tiger terrorists in May 2009, the country has seen increasing tourist arrivals every year for the past two years.

Sri Lanka’s tourist arrivals rose nearly 30 percent to 72,463 visitors in August this year when compared to a year ago.

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