Thai Coup: Tips for Tourists Going to Thailand


Martial Law is defined as the promulgation of military control and power over designated regions in a country to maintain order and security. On May 20, Thailand, under the service of Army Commander-in-Chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha has declared martial law nationwide following 7 months of political and civil unrest.

Since the imposition of martial, there were no less than 100 websites that were blocked and shut down by Thai armies including some radio and television stations, reports say. Despite the current menace, it appears that tourism in Thailand goes on. Read on the following commandments for tourists planning to visit Thailand especially in Bangkok.

  • Tourists should respect the curfew hours from 10 pm to 5am. An exemption to this rule is tourists traveling from/to airports.
  • Tourists should keep essential and pertinent documents with them. Thai authorities also require tourists to have a printout copy of their itinerary.
  • Tourists are advised to stay away from large gatherings and protests. Demonstrations are regular occurrences in Thailand for the most part in Bangkok.
  • Tourists should respect the rules and regulations of the place and follow the commands of Thai authorities.
  • Tourists should submit themselves to military checkpoints if required.
  • Tourists are advised to carry their passports all the time.
  • Tourists should avoid any act or writing content that can be mistaken as a threat to national security. ¬†Thai authorities have been regulating strictly the use of the Internet particularly social media sites.
  • Tourists should avoid places commonly used as protest sites in Thailand including few spots in Bangkok.


-Public transportation still continues to operate except for they are adjusted in accordance to the set curfew hours.
-Popular destination spots especially in Bangkok are closed earlier at night in line with the curfew policy.
-Consider signing up for Twitter (if you don’t have one). Twitter has been the top source for any latest news and updates about Thailand especially the rising protests and demonstrations.
-There are more checkpoints found within the vicinity of Suvarnabhumi Airport. Thus, allow extra time to get to and from there.

Hotlines for Tourists
TAT Call Centre: 1672
Thai Airways International Call Center: +66 (0) 2356 1111
Tourist Police Call Centre: 1155
AOT (Suvarnabhumi Airport) Call Centre: 1722
Don Mueang Airport Call Center: +66 (0) 2535 3861, (0) 2535 3863
Suvarnabhumi Airport Operation Center: +66 (0) 2132 9950 or 2
Bangkok Airways Call Center: 1771

Beaches, hotels and other tourist spots in Thailand are greatly not affected by the Martial law and are still open. Tourists should remember to exercise caution and stay alert since demonstrations happen even without prior notice. They should also be kept abreast with the latest information about the country for their own safety and make necessary adjustments in their guided itineraries.

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