Tipping Guide in the Asia Pacific Region

In Asia Pacific Region, tipping customs vary depending on the region of the country. There are regions that one is required to give tips to their servers and at the same time there are also countries that do not have any customs about giving tips to their servers. No matter what country you came from, if you are in a different country, it would be handy to know about the customs of the country you are in, even about tipping customs.

There are usually very few people who give tips in China just like many other Asian countries. However if you are staying in a more luxurious hotels for overseas visitors, luggage boys would wait for a tip around 5RMB per bag. These types of hotels and restaurants usually add a service charge of 10 to 15 percent so tipping is not really necessary. Luggage porters however at the airport would ask you for 10 yuan per bag. There is absolutely no tipping at massage houses.

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50 rupees or about $1 per bag for the porter and250 rupees a night for a low-paid housekeeper.

Guides and Drivers:
400 to 500 rupees per day is usually the amount for a private driver. Taxis and rickshaw drivers are not accustomed to tips but you can tell them to just keep the change of your fare.

Dollars are accepted but is not preferred by locals. There are also hotels that have tipping box. It would be preferred if you just put your tip in the box rather than tipping each employee individually.

There is already a 10% tip included as a service charge if you are paying for the hotel room. However, if you want to be generous to your server you may give them a tip.

Like hotels, there is also an additional 10% tip on your bill if you eat in a restaurant.

Guides and Drivers:
Guides usually get $25-$40 per couple and drivers get have of that. For taxis, 10% for a tip is enough.

Like India, US dollars are accepted but rupiahs are preferred. Also if you are going to take an elephant ride, even a modest tip is appreciated, same goes for spa services. A 15% tip is enough.

Japanese workers don’t usually take tips but there are certain services that could appreciate a tip but only in yen.

If you are staying in a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) they usually accept an envelope containing 5000 yen for a one to two night stay.

Guides and Drivers:
Tour guides usually get 2500-5000 yen in an envelope as your tip. A private driver usually expects you to buy their lunch, around 2000-2500 yen

The only people that you have to tip are the bellboys and the cleaning staffs and both could be given $1 per bag and day respectively.

There is already a 10% tip included on your bill although locals usually round up the bill and leave the change for the server. You can also do the same or leave 10-15% if you want.

Guides and Drivers:
Private guides and/or drivers usually get $5-$10 tip per person per day

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