Five Reasons Railway Travel is Better than Air Travel

These days, every frequent flyer has something to say about air travel, and it usually isn’t very nice. The intolerable seating, endless security checkpoints, cancelled flights, awful food (when it’s made available) and indifferent, rude employees all contribute to making air travel one of our most stressful, hated activities.

But I ask you to consider this wonderful alternative – Travel by Train!


There are a lot of reasons that make train travel a far more appealing way to reach your destination. Here are 5 good ones:

1) Train rides are so comfortable! You can book a First Class private cabin for overnight travel and sleep in a real bed. Even the seats in Coach Class are roomier and more comfortable than the sardine-can seats on airplanes. You can stretch out and recline completely. You might wish to have a bottle of water, read a complimentary newspaper, and enjoy a fine meal prepared on board by a professional chef.

2) You get more bang for the buck! In all likelihood it will cost less to travel by train. And if you’re traveling overnight, you don’t have to pay for a hotel room or car rental (and car travelers will appreciate not having to stop for gas).

3) It’s so easy being green! For environmentally conscious travelers, railway travel has a MUCH smaller carbon footprint than air travel. Trains use a lot less fuel per mile than airplanes, therefore creating fewer emissions and less increase of greenhouse gases.

4) Safety First! Railway travel does not present the security problems we see with air travel. You’ll probably have to pass through a metal detector, and your luggage might be X-rayed, but you won’t be scanned or frisked, and you can pack normal grownup sizes of toothpaste and shampoo. Security does exist, but it’s quiet and unobtrusive.

5) Trains offer moving landscapes and attractions! When you travel by train, you’ll see more of the countryside than you ever knew there was! As you gaze through the expansive panoramic windows you can enjoy the beautiful forests, gardens, parks and churches that make up the small towns and villages along the way. Railway travel allows us a gentle glimpse of the real life along those scenic back roads and hidden byways. We miss that when we’re strapped into a big metal tube and zipping through the sky at 500 miles an hour.

While airlines no doubt arrive faster from departure to destination, we can only wish we could hop on our seats when we reach the airport and skip the long line for check ins, luggage scans, human checkpoints and the waiting time at the gate. Oh, by the way, this does not include delayed flights, missing luggage or crying babies in the cabin.

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