Traveler’s Guide to Luxembourg

Luxembourg might probably be one of the most underrated countries in the world. Besides being known for being one of the most important hub for the European Union and for banking and other multinational industries. However, besides being an economic Mecca Luxembourg has also some of the most multicultural cities in the world with 38% of its population being foreign-born making this city one of the most diverse in the world.

If you are planning to visit Luxembourg here are some of the places that you should go if you are passing by or are in a hurry.

This city is accustomed in accommodating many business tycoons and dignitaries for economic meetings therefore, Luxembourg is full of many hotels that could accommodate any of your needs and by that being said, Luxembourg accommodates visitors who are just visiting for a holiday or on vacation. If you are on a non-business visit, you will want to go to an hotel in the centre of the city and the oldest part of town. If yo can afford it, you can go to Hotel Place D’Armes however, if you want a more modest but comfortable hotel you can opt for the Luxembourg City Youth Hostel which is open to all and is close to the old city.


Luxembourg is home to more Michelin starred restaurants than any other European countries. Lea Linster, Luxembourg’s most celebrated chef has her own flagship fine dining restaurant in Fraiasange. You can also try the two-star restaurant Mosconi that offers some of the best Italian foods in the city. Besides Italian foods, Luxembourg also has a Germanic-style food at the Mousel’s Cantine just outside the old city. For dessert, Oberweis offers chocolate and pastries that would rival with ones from Switzerland and France.

Luxembourg is a compact old city is placed on a plateau surrounded by stark ravines which makes it a perfect place for strolling. There are many plazas where you can relax and soak in the sun like the central Place D’Armes that host most of the city’s events like a Christmas market every year. The Grand Ducal palace and Notre Dame cathedral are only a short walk away from the center of the city. If you want to enjoy the view of the whole city you can go to the Bock promontory, the Pont Adolphe, the Chemin de la Corniche and other places where the plateau ends.

Villeroy and Boche is Luxembourg’s most famous brand even though this does not technically made in the country. the store offers high-class porcelain and glassware in the Grand Duchy while its flagship store offers presents for those people who are design-conscious.

You can also try the Luxembourgoise wine that is available anywhere around the city or you can try and find the Cremant, Luxembourg’s version of Champagne. Of course, foods and drinks shop along the Grand Rue is a one-stop place for finding quality souvenirs.