7 Top Things to Do in Tunisia

There are many things to do in Tunisia, not the least of which include visits to multiple World Heritage Sites.

Although most visits to the country go without incident, safety precautions should be taken. Due to recent events, a state of emergency has been declared, and temporary movement restrictions may be enforced.

April, May, and September are popular months to visit Tunisia because of the region’s harsh summers and winters.

Carthage. Photo credit: historytoday.com

Visit the Roman ruins at Carthage

Founded in 814 B.C., Carthage lies on the outskirts of Tunis. The World Heritage Site is home to many ruins, including the Roman Amphitheatre, Antonin Baths, and Roman village. Fly in via the Carthage International Airport.

See the holy city of Kairouan

One of Tunisia’s World Heritage Sites, this “city of 50 mosques” is the fourth most sacred city in Islamic culture and home to mosques built during the 9th century. Fly in via the Kairouan Airport.

Stay in a cave at the Sidi Driss Hotel at Matmata

This hotel served as the location for Luke Skywalker’s home in “Star Wars: A New Hope,” and is an excellent place to stay, offering guests cozy digs in a series of underground caves. Fly in via the Matmata International Airport.

Visit El Djem amphitheater

Tourists can spot this impressive World Heritage Site from miles away, as it was one of the largest coliseums ever constructed. The closest airport to this inland site is in Hammamet.

Browse the wares at Medina of Tunis:

This street market is a tourist favorite. Get a real feel for local culture as you shop in the city’s old quarter, a region that speaks of the city’s historical importance from the 12th century to the 16th. Fly in via the Carthage International Airport.

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