US Airlines With Least Number of Flight Delays

Passengers may get used to flight delays as part of risks accompanying air travel, but wouldn’t it be nice to know which airlines in the United States you are less likely to experience flight delays?

Thankfully the US Department of Transportation compiles the monthly Air Travel Consumer Report which details the performance of airlines, among others for the benefit of air travelers.

By the way, for the sake of understanding, the term “on time” is defined as within 15 minutes of the scheduled arrival time.

As of November 2015:

  1. Hawaiian Airlines (93.9% on time)
  2. Delta Airlines (89.5% on time)
  3. Alaska Airlines (85.5% on time)
  4. United Airlines (83.9% on time)
  5. American Airlines (83.7% on time)
  6. Virgin America (83.5% on time)
  7. Southwest Airlines (83.3% on time)
  8. JetBlue Airways (83.0% on time)
  9. Envoy Air (81.9% on time)
  10. Skywest Airlines (81.1% on time)
  11. ExpressJet Airlines (80.8% on time)
  12. Spirit Airlines (75.3% on time)
  13. Frontier Airlines (74.0% on time)


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