5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Nevada’s Burning Man Festival

burning_man_1Burning Man is a festival that lasts an entire week and held in Black Rock Desert, Nevada. The event is held each year and starts on the final Monday in the month of August. The name originated from the traditional burning of a giant wooden human effigy on Saturday night. Through the years, the number of people attending has grown to thousands with over 50,000 being part of the event in 2010. Organizers and visitors call the Burning Man a collaboration of radical self-reliance and self-expression.
1. Mutant vehicles
These are described as motor vehicles with very artistic designs. Cars, vans, bicycles, trucks and RVs are decorated by attendees, featuring a wide array of patterns, colors and images. There are vehicles featuring cooking items, dolls, cartoon characters and stickers. Hundreds of mutant vehicles driven by visitors are seen every year. Bicycles and tricycles usually feature electroluminescent wire that makes these highly attractive at night.
2. The Burning Temple 
Aside from the burning of the fames human effigy, the festival also features the burning of a man-made Temple. The structure is built using wood, paper, boxes and other materials and has a specific name by which it is called each year. Some of the temples built and burned include The Temple of June in 2012, the Temple of the Mind in 2000 and the Temple of Flux in 2010.
3. Art displays 
At the Burning Man festival, people can witness a wide array of artistic creations, depending on the theme. In 2012, the theme was “Fertility 2.0”. Visionary art and outsider art are featured among others during the event. You get to witness hundreds of artworks on the dry Lake Lahontan. There are paintings, fire displays, sculptures, body art and other visual works that will truly draw attention.
burning_man_24. The cultural ethos
Experience and exercise the 10 basic principles that guide the whole event, encouraging people to discover themselves fully as well as contribute to the community as one. Some of the principles include radical self-expression, radical self-reliance, leaving no trace and civic responsibility.
5. Music performances 
There are also several music performances throughout the area. You can enjoy soothing rhythms and community songs around bonfires. Many people would also play electro tunes from powerful speakers in their mutant vehicles. There are independent bands and artists that would play occasionally to contribute to the mood. The art displays are usually coupled by musical selections. 
There are several other things to witness and try at the Burning Man festival. It is one of the must-visit events in the United States that continues to draw more visitors with each passing year. 
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