What to Prepare For Your El Salvador Trip

If you are into the whole adventurous type of vacationing then El Salvador is just for you. The country has abundant wildlife, active volcanoes and roaring waterfalls that would surely keep your heart pumping and your blood flowing with all its natural beauty.

1. Stay healthy
El Salvador has its own unique points that you can’t find in any other countries in the world. They have delicious food, beautiful beaches and abundant rain forest. However, El Salvador, as a developing country deals with typical problems elsewhere such as pollution and sanitation issues. In order to prevent having any illnesses during you trip, bring with you a first aid kit with proper medicine like Ibuprofen, allergy medicine, cough and cold medicine and any other kinds of medicines that you think you might need. You should also have with you a disinfectant spray, hand sanitizers, sunscreen, and bug sprays.

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2. Be sure you pack for everything.
The weather in El Salvador is either hot or humid but you really never know when it will rain so be sure to have your umbrella or your sweater with you in case it gets a little too chilly for you. Nevertheless, be sure that you also have your essentials such as a swimsuit, a quick-drying shirt, lightweight pants or shorts, socks, shoes and sandals. You should also bring with you a hat in case the sun would be too much for you.

3. Wear comfortable pair of shoes.
Shoes are essential when traveling considering you would be most likely to spend your time outdoors therefore it would be wise to bring with you a comfortable but at the same time sturdy type of foot wear for you to sport when traveling around El Salvador. The locals in the country usually wear a pair of sandals when going around, you should also wear one considering it would be the most comfortable footwear for you in this country.

4. Be prepared for anything.
Traveling alone means you have to rely on yourself alone to carry and check for your own luggage therefore try to be prepared and double check everything before putting it in your bag. Make sure you have sunscreen, bug spray, bottled water and a translation book in case you need it. You’re your clothes, shoes and toiletries on a bag that could fit in the overhead compartment of the plane and leave your electronics in a small bag that fits underneath the seat in front of you. This bag can also be used when roaming around the city.

5. Keep it light.
Only bring with you the things that you would need during the trip. Stick to the essentials such as what was mentioned about. There’s no need for you to bring your whole bikini collection when going swimming or to bring two or three more sandals for going around. Also, if you are going to El Salvador for business, you don’t have to bring with you your entire bag of electronics. There is WiFi available at hotels, restaurants and coffee shops so you can try and connect with their internet to respond to e-mails, upload photos and etc. El Salvador uses US Dollar as their national currency so you don’t need to exchange your money upon arriving in the country. Keep all important valuables such as money and passport in a concealed money bed or neck wallet as to not entice would-be snatchers.

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